hazelnut coffee plus creamer from nescafe

I got a free product of nescafe’s new coffeer plus creamer from smiley360. I got the flavor hazelnut and it smells so amazing. I love how there is an instant coffee that has creamer already added. The next flavor I want to try is french vanilla. The coffee taste really good you mostly taste the creamer.Also the flavor is very rich and creamy.

kettle brand potato chip review

I tried kettle brand potato chip in olive oil because I got a coupon for a free bag from bzzagent. Most people would take one look at the price and put the bag down but don’t because it is a healthy snacks then another bag of chips you will pick up. These chips have no msg or gluten. Also the company is trying to save the plant by having 20% less plastic for their bags. Another amazing thing is there is about four ingredients in this product. I have bought another bag since the first bag I got. The flavor is nice for me because I hate too much salt in my chips because I feel like I’m going to break out really bad. Some people will really love the flavor and others will complain it is too blend for them. This product is new so it may not be in all stores yet. For example I haven’t had much luck finding popcorn I went to four stores and no luck. Go to your local store and see if you can find kettle brand popcorn or potato chips and let me know what you think. <img src=”https://img.bzzagent.com/image/kettle.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=3516475017&Campaign=5877635415&Uid=1719966&token=95a97e68ebc98270f54bbec7e53af8f4&#8243; alt=””/>

How I apply kiss lashes

i got kiss lashes for free to review from influenster. First, I take the lashes out of the container and add a thin layer of glue. After, 30 seconds on the glue drying I use twisters to take the lash in the center and add it to my lash line. I take the twisters and grab the lash and press/hold it on my lash line and I keep doing this until the lashes are on. Next, I press the fake lashes and my real lashes together to make them look like i’m not wearing fake lashes. Finally, I put on some mascara and eye liner and i’m good to go. I like the lightness of kiss lashes. I don’t like that they are a bit smaller then my eye and I didn’t even cut them down. Also these lashes give me a beautiful length and fullness which ever girl wants. #kisslashes #contest

I found the most amazing acne wash ever!

I got free Dial acne wash and body wash samples from buzzagent. I fell in love because Dial acne cleanser works on my skin and now my skin is clearer. Also the body wash has been working its magic in clearing up my back. I am so glad I finally found a product that will give me the results I am looking for. In the past I would spend so much money on products that didn’t work but never again because I found a product that works. Some brands will burn my skin but not Dial acne wash or body wash. If you or someone you know has acne go buy them Dial acne cleanser and/or body wash because it really works. You could find Dial brand at walmart, target, and rite aid.  #buzzagent #gotitfree

influenster DLVoxBox

I got a influenster vox box the other day and I wanted to talk about my thoughts on it. This is my first vox box and I love it! I got playtex sport fresh balance tampons and they are very lightly scented. The tampons are very comfortable to wear and they protect pretty well. The poilot frixion ball clicker pen has a nice rich color and it has an eraser on top to fix my mistakes. Also I got air heads bites and they taste good. It is a nice on the go type of candy which I love. The nail brand I got is sinful colors in the color no text red. I only needed one coat of polish to get a very rich and beautiful red color. Also I like how they are promotion to not text and drive. The next product I got was softlips cube lip balm in fresh mint. I am in love with this product because I love mint flavor lip balms and it has SPF 15 to protect my lips from the sun. This lip balm is perfect to throw in my bag and go on with my day. Another product I got in my vox box is covergirl foundation in 115. This foundation is a little too light for me but when I mix it with my othe foundation it is a perfect match. The last product I got was the kiss looks so natural lashes. First of all I don’t wear fake lashes so it was a little difficult for me to put the lashes on. The fake lashes did make my lashes fuller and longer. Over all I love the DLVoxBox from influenster!

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